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Festival 2023

The Audience Award:
ELABE, produced by M.i.X

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium Director’s Award:
Hazelnuts – In search of the perfect planet, produced by Mediastro Promotion – 3D Emotion

The Best Movie Award:
Chemistry of Life, produced by Norrköping Visualization Center C
Jury: The Chemistry of Life takes the audience on a tour of mitochondrial machinery – where every cog is beautifully rendered and lovingly presented from all angles, – all the while following a seemingly uninterrupted camera path from the panoramic view of a garden all the way down to inside a plant’s cell membrane. Despite its advanced scientific content, the show never feels boring or didactic: the gorgeous visuals, brisk pace and a light, conversational narrative style keeps the audience engaged and always looking forward to the next stop on the tour.

The Best Short Award:
Tokyo Origami Series #8 – Through the Eyes of an Otaku, produced by Cosm Studios
Jury: Despite being less than 9 minutes long, “Tokyo Origami: Through the Eyes of An Otaku” presents the audience with a wide gamut of emotions, beginning with amusement and veering sharply into heartbreak. At the same time, the medium through which the show is presented – an unmoving 360′ camera stuck in the middle of a small space, – seems particularly well suited to the story, adding to its trapped, claustrophobic feel and inviting even more sympathy for the main character. The result is an unexpectedly haunting experience.