The 9th year of the festival is over…

And it was quite a ride! The three days went by fast and all there is left now are content smiles, good feelings and questions when and where will we all meet again. We want to thank you all! Many thanks to the producers who sent their shows, because without them we would have nothing to watch. Many thanks to all the sponsors, who help us a great deal to make the event so awesome. And last but not least, many thanks to the participants. Because you are what makes the festival so stunning. Meeting all our friends from all around the world is absolutely worth all the work and energy that goes into the festival preparations!

And now, without further ado, we present the winners of this year’s festival!

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium Director’s Award:
Asteroid Quest, produced by Bertrand Loyer, Saint Thomas Productions

The Best Movie Award:
Dark Biosphere – Betting for a living universe, produced by Render Area
Jury: This film has an interesting theme and impressed us with its engaging storytelling. The first scene is unusual and immediately drew us in by humanising the story. Dark Biosphere enriches our understanding of the requirements for life and how Earth provides these, building upon this to provide a renewed hope of finding life elsewhere in the Universe.

The film is very well made. It has original visual and graphic effects alongside groundbreaking camera work and direction. The quality of the colour correction work demonstrates a deep understanding of the dome environment and maximizes the sense of immersion. The music and sound effects are emotionally powerful and add a lot to the impact of the show.

The Best Short Award:
The Colour of the Night Sky, produced by Zoltán Kolláth
Jury: We saw many different films during the festival, some from large experienced production houses and some from smaller teams. The Colour of the Night Sky may not have the complex production and high polish of some of the other films we saw, but it had a very original concept and it made us think about the sky in a new way.

The film effectively deconstructs the misconception that the night sky is dark blue or colourless by sharing the results of recent research, revealing some surprising sources of night-time colour. It is a good demonstration of how scientific research can be communicated in planetariums, and we thought the circular transitions were a nice way to demonstrate the different colours of the sky.

Honorary mention
Universe in the Room produced by Masaru Hirohashi.
Jury: We wanted to recognise Universe in the Room for its gentle yet engaging storytelling and its well-judged use of humour. We were impressed by its very effective, well-paced communication of how planetariums work and how they have evolved through time. It is rare to see a film where such care is taken to ensure the audience are able to follow every explanation.

The Audience Award:
The Great Solar System Adventure, produced by NSC Creative

Voting results for Audience Award

Place Show title
1 The Great Solar System Adventure
2 Dark Biosphere
3 Asteroid Quest
4 Spark
5 Hazelnuts
6 The Universe in a Room
7 Little Major Tom
9 Totale
10 The Last Dream of Cosmorama
11 Voyage of the Stars
12 The Colour of the Night Sky
13 Renaissance
14 The Holy Star
15 100 Years of Eternity