Save the dates!

June 4, 2019 for IMERSA Day
June 5–7, 2019 for FFB2019


We are very delighted to announce that in cooperation with the IMERSA, we will host an IMERSA Day here in Brno, one day before the festival! The program will include projections, discussions and interesting presentations.

More information coming soon!

Submission deadline extended!

Yes, let’s admit we all love deadlines. They encourage us to push our boundaries, make us work harder and learn us to be very well organised with time management. Because, who likes procrastination?

And that is why we decided to extend the deadline for show submissions until the end of February. Beware that this is only a submission deadline for which you need only to provide a preview. In case of selection for the festival, you will be asked to deliver the full show until the end of March.