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Festival 2022

The Audience Award:
321 Liftoff! produced by Krutart.

The festival visitors voted in our online voting interface awarding each show from 1 to 5 points. Three shows kept competing for the first place until the very last moment. Even in the last few hours, the first place changed several times. But in the end, 321 Lifoff! by Krutart came out as the winner. The second place was taken by Dinosaurs – A story of survival by Render Area and the third by GranPa & Zoe – Mission: Light by Mediastro Promotion – 3D Emotion.

The Director’s Award:
Living Worlds produced by California Academy of Sciences.

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium will buy this show and include it in its program.

The Best 3D Movie Award:
Space Oases produced by Brno Observatory and Planetarium.
The Best 2D Movie Award:
One Sky produced by Sebastien Gauthier 360 Productions.

The shows were chosen, to their best knowledge and believe, by the international jury consisting of Glenn Smith from Sky-Skan, Ben Squires from NSC Creative and Ovidiu Ignat, the director of Baia Mare Planetarium.

The explanation provided by the jury members:
One Sky was a very well produced, modular set of films that bridged astronomy, astrology and various indigenous peoples belief systems culminating in a very accessible and at times emotive experience. This could be potentially divisive and trite territory at times within the scientific community within Fulldome, but One Sky was a great example of how to approach these diverse subjects.

Space Oases was driven by its excellently created script, narration and very efficiently metered content despite presumably not having the budget and as extensive content production team enjoyed by some other productions. There was no ‘fat’ in this film; every shot and narrated element was very well chosen and sequenced; the presented information was chosen expertly.