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Festival 2021


The Audience Award:
Signs of Life produced by Dawn Fidrick and Bob Niemack.
The festival visitors voted in our online voting interface awarding each show from 1 to 5 points. They gave the highest score of 4.354 points to the show Signs of Life.

The Director’s Award:
Magic Globe produced by Creative Planet.
The Brno Observatory and Planetarium will put on the show this autumn.

The Best 3D Movie Award:
Making Magic – A Visual Effects Story produced by Norrkoping Visualization Center C.
The Best 2D Movie Award:
Hayabusa 2 – Reborn produced by LiVE Company Ltd.
The shows were chosen, to their best knowledge and believe, by the international jury consisting of Paulina Majda from the Film school in Lodz, Poland, Björn Voss from the Society of German-language Planetariums and Tomáš Dobrovodský, the director of Maximilian Hell Observatory and Planetarium, Slovakia.