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Festival 2018


The Audience Award:
Explore produced by Creative Planet, Maciej Ligowski. The festival visitors handed in exactly 812 voting cards awarding each show from 0 to 5 points. They gave the highest score of 4.8 points to the show Explore.

The Director’s Award:
Lucia, the secret of the shooting stars by Saint-Etienne Planetarium Production. The Brno Observatory and Planetarium will put on the show this autumn.

The Best Movie Award:
Expedition Reef by Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences, Ryan Wyatt.
HORIZON: Beyond the Edge of the Visible Universe by Live / GOTO INC, Hiromitsu Kohsaka.
The shows were chosen, to their best knowledge and believe, by the international jury consisting of Mr. Thomas Kraupe, Director of Planetarium Hamburg, the most visited planetarium in Germany and in Europe, Mr. Yuri Kostenko, CEO of the Ukrainian company Front Pictures, which develops software and hardware for digital planetariums, and Mr. Jakub Rozehnal, Director of Prague Observatory and Planetarium. Usually, there is only one international jury prize awarded at the Fulldome Festival Brno, but the jury expressed their wish to award two prizes, because in both cases the shows were of exceptional quality.