Pandemic situation in Czech Republic

Updated June 15th, 2021.

Currently, the situation in Czech Republic is improving and we are closely monitoring the regulations. We try to update this page as often possible, but links to official information sources are provided as a precaution.

Luckily, the festival will be able to take place. However, respirators will probably be mandatory for all indoor areas.

If you are missing any information on this page and you cannot find it in the provided links – feel free to contact us at

Important links with up to date information

Travel regulations – Unfortunately EN version is not updated as much as CZ version.
Accomodation regulations – The same applies as above…
Entry form (Passenger Locator Form)
Medical certificate on suffering covid-19

Travelling to Czech Republic

Travelling to Czech Republic is regulated by the covid map. Countries are divided according to the covid risk to low, medium, high, very high and extremely high. Different rules apply to the cathegories. Visitors coming from low and medium risk countries do not need to test after arrival and no quaranteen is applied. Visitors coming from high risk countries need to undergo a PCR test after arrival. Please see the images below for full information.

If your country is not on the map and on the list above, it is treated as Very High risk country.

Exceptions for vaccinated people at the moment apply only for visitors from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Austria and Slovenia if 22 days have passed since the first dose, but not more than 9 months. We believe the list will grow later on.

covid chart covid map


The Brno Observatory and Planetarium will arrange PCR testing for festival visitors on Monday, July 26th. This way people coming from high risk countries should have results by Tuesday and will be able to visit the festival without any problem.

If you wish to arrange a test yourself, there are variety options in Brno. For example the St. Anne Hospital or Aesku Lab. A full list of PCR or Ag test sites can be found here. The list is unfortunately only in Czech.

Never go to a test point without registration!


The accomodation services are running without restrictions on capacity. Visitors need to have a negative test available at the beggining of stay.

It is necessary to wear a respirator or other protective equipment without an exhalation valve with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% (class FFP2 / KN 95) in all common areas of your accomodation. When staying in, follow the increased hygiene rules and, if possible, stay mostly in your hotel room.

Hotels can provide catering for accommodated guests, e.g. breakfasts with respect to hygiene rules.


Indoor and outdoor areas of restaurant are opened. The condition is a PCR test not older than 7 days or Ag test not older than 3 days. In case of self testing at work, written confirmation from employer must be provided not older than 3 days. Another option is a medical certificate on suffering covid in the past not older than 90 days.