FFB 2022 premiere: No
Producer: Nihonbashi Marutamaya Co., Ltd.
Director: Sei Iwano, Rei Shimano, Sayaka Shimada
Contact: E-mail Trailer: -
Released: II.2021 Length: 25:00
3D: No Res: 4K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 30
Spark, a child of fireworks, goes to a school to be a great firework in the future. However, he is a poor student. One day he cuts school and goes into a forest. There he comes across a mysterious grandpa smoke. Spark says ‘I don’t have confidence in myself. I can’t be as a beautiful firework as my classmates. I definitely can’t.’ Then, the grandpa smoke talks to Spark with good humor about attractiveness and mechanism of colorful fireworks. Spark gets interested in his story, and comes to know lesser-known history of fireworks. How will Spark improve himself in this show?