The Stellars
Mission green
Work in progress
FFB 2023 premiere: No
Producer: Maciej Ligowski
Director: Maciej Ligowski
Contact: E-mail Trailer: -
Released: TBD Length: 02:00
3D: No Res: 4K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 30
Meet aki, imani, and john! or, as they call themselves, THE STELLARS! They travel around the Milky Way Galaxy in their spaceship, exploring different star systems and planets to learn about the universe. And now, they have visited Earth! They are excited to show us around their spaceship, and it’s not quite what you would expect! Inside, there’s a whole beautiful forest! You could say that The Stellars carry their natural ecosystem with them, providing food to eat, air to breathe, and a habitat to live in. They take great care of it. However, little do they know, their forest is in danger. Soon, they will need to figure out what to do, or else the trees will die, and The Stellars cannot live without them. Will you help them solve the mystery and save their spaceship?