Interstellar Postcards
FFB 2022 premiere: Yes
Producer: Cité des sciences et de l'industrie
Director: Roberto D'Alessandro
Contact: E-mail Trailer: Watch
Released: XI.2021 Length: 30:10
3D: No Res: 8K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 30
Discover the evolution of thought and ideas on the possibility of other inhabited worlds, from Antiquity to the present day. Understand how scientists scan the skies in the hopes of detecting extraterrestrial signals from habitable zones of exoplanets. Far from science-fiction and the collective imagination, the possibility that life could be beyond our planet has long fascinated philosophers and scientists. Guided by Urania, a friendly artificial intelligence, the spectator discovers how the scientists indicate our existence by sending signals or « interstellar postcards » to be decoded. Nevertheless, this field of research raises some philosophical and ethical questions. Is it relevant to reporting our existence? What are the consequences for future generations?