321 Liftoff!
FFB 2022 premiere: No
Producer: Krutart
Director: Filip Veselý, Martin Živocký
Contact: E-mail Trailer: Watch
Released: XI.2021 Length: 35:58
3D: No Res: 6K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 30
Elon is a hamster scientist who lives in a junkyard. He tries to fit in with the local community of rats but nobody takes him seriously. One day Elon hears a crash. In his garden, he finds a crater with a damaged robot inside. How did the robot get here? Elon fixes the robot and finds out that he fell from a spaceship hovering above the Earth. And the ship takes off tomorrow. That is the beginning of Elon’s great adventure. Will he manage to get the robot back to his friends in time? 321 Liftoff!! Is an adventurous animated film about the courage and wit it takes to get to space and back.