5000 Eyes
Mapping the Universe with DESI
FFB 2023 premiere: No
Producer: Fiske Planetarium
Director: Claire Lamman
Contact: E-mail Trailer: Watch
Released: 03/23 Length: 22:40
3D: No Res: 4K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 30
5000 Eyes: Mapping the Universe with DESI is a fulldome film about the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) which is creating the most detailed map of our nearby universe using a unique instrument which can measure the spectra of many galaxies at once. The film is being created by Fiske Planetarium in collaboration with DESI scientists. Experience the largest structures in the universe as never seen before by flying through a portion of DESI's initial data. Dive into modern cosmology, plus the scientific background and motivation for building a large map of galaxies. And, take a trip to Kitt Peak to see footage of the telescope in action while getting to know the amazing people from all over the world making this research possible.