Our Team

Jana Britzmannová – If we called Jan P. the right hand of the director, Jana would be called the left hand. At the festival she is in charge of catering. So should you have any problems or remarks, positive or negative (mostly positive of course), those should be addressed to her.

Jiří Dušek – the director of the Brno Observatory and Planetarium and also the director of the festival. He is looking forward to you very much and is going to meet each of you personally. He loves fulldome films, spicy food and Asia.

Pavel Gabzdyl – the main creator of shows in our planetarium and an excellent photographer. He writes popular science books and if you want to talk about the Moon, he is your guy. He loves music, especially art rock.

Tomáš Hladík – a technician and a real handyman. Thanks to him, hopefully, our digital planetarium will go like clockwork. Since he comes from a little town in South Moravia, he has his own folk costume, richly decorated festive clothes typical for a particular area! We will see if he finally puts it on…

Ondrej Kamenský – is in charge of program coordination and PR of the festival. Looks mostly harmless, but do not try to mess with him. His interests include historical fencing, horse riding and fire shows!

Pavel Karas – another IT guru in our team. He is the master of light and sound – takes beautiful photos and has a band Nevermore & Kosmonaut. If you like, you can have a look at one of his music clips. I wonder if you can identify Paul in them.

Zuzana Kuljovská – loves good food, likes going to theatres and is incredibly reliable! Do you remember Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction? Well, that is her – Zuzana can solve every trouble…

Jan Píšala – graduated from nuclear chemistry, but focuses mainly on astronomy. He is the deputy director, so when Jiří is busy, he fills in for him. He created a lot of educational shows for planetariums and wrote several books. He likes showing chemical experiments, so watch out not to be caught by him.

Hana Šimšová – keeps all our paperwork neat and organised. Sure, you could say that Jiří Dušek signs the bills, but she is the one handling them. Without her, chaos would consume us all…