Black Hole First Picture
FFB 2021 premiere: No
Producer: Evans & Sutherland
Director: Robin Sip
Contact: E-mail Trailer: Watch
Released: 2020 Length: 25:00
3D: No Res: 8K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 30
Produced by Evans & Sutherland, Black Hole First Picture features the human attempt to create the very first picture of a black hole with the Event Horizon Telescope. The Event Horizon Telescope consists of a network of 8 Radio telescopes at 6 remote locations in the world ranging from Europe, North and South America, Hawaii to Antarctica. For years, the Event Horizon Telescope has been staring into the hearts of the Milky Way and the galaxy Messier 87, trying to obtain a picture of the shadow of Sagittarius A*, our galaxy's central supermassive black hole and the black hole M87*. A human story of two young astronomers is central in this film. They travel to remote locations to take part in this historic scientific mission to produce the first photo of a black hole. To produce scientifically correct visualizations of accreting black holes, computationally intensive calculations were performed with state-of-the-art code, and rendered at supercomputing facilities. Incorporating advanced calculation of plasma physics and light transport in curved spacetimes, these state-of-the-art simulations enable us to generate the most scientifically accurate black hole movie yet.