IMERSA Day extended agenda


Check-in and registration at Brno Observatory and Planetarium


Welcome to IMERSA day Brno – an introduction of the IMERSA organisation


Sensational Fulldome, memorable show moments and discussion
Dan Neafus, Michael Daut
We will present and discuss memorable excerpts from popular and rarely seen Fulldome films from the past decade. We feel that these are notable scenes, worthy of discussion.




Creating Audience Impact Through Emotional Connection
Michael Daut
Some of the best, most memorable content finds a way to touch our emotions. This is no easy task, but it is the essential ingredient in creating unforgettable moments for an audience. How do we create these experiences that impact audiences and turn them into repeat visitors and long-time fans? He will discuss this important aspect of fulldome storytelling and share examples that will inspire you to raise the emotional resonance of your shows.


Discussion with the audience, a facilitated forum about fulldome and IMERSA


Coffee break


What makes Fulldome sensational?
We have invited Fulldome judges and operators to share their opinions and insights about sensational fulldome programming. Learn how they select shows to meet their audiences expectations and what presentation qualities they are looking for as judges of this year’s festival. We are very proud to present our our distinguished panelists for IMERSA day Brno.
Kimura Kaoru, President-elect of International Planetarium Society
Shawn Laatsch, Past President of International Planetarium Society
Pavel Karas, Producer and Head of program Coordination Brno Planetarium
Maciej Mucha, Owner of, Past head of the Heavens of Copernicus Production Studio


Adjourn, get ready for the boat trip!