Back to the Age of Dinosaurs
Work in progress
FFB 2021 premiere: No
Producer: UMA Vision
Director: Yuriy Gapon
Contact: E-mail Trailer: -
Released: TBD Length: 2:00
3D: Yes Res: 8K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 30
Trying to get hold of a dinosaur egg, Mark and Selena negligently lose the Space-Time Machine. Now they have to look for it in the dangers of the dinosaur world. Together with the virtual Nanny – a nerdy Artificial Intelligence – there is a lot of incredible adventures going to happen to the children: they are going to become witnesses of tyrannosaurs' hunting, to be kidnapped by a giant pterosaur and to be nearly swallowed by the mosasaur, the sea predator! During this journey, the friends will learn about how different types of dinosaurs interacted with each other, cared for their cubs, and much more.