Signs of Life
FFB 2021 premiere: No
Producer: Dawn Fidrick and Bob Niemack
Director: Bob Niemack and Don Dixon
Contact: E-mail Trailer: -
Released: VI.2020 Length: 34:06
3D: No Res: 8K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 60
Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered if there is life out there in space? Los Angeles's world-renowned Griffith Observatory presents an astronomical detective story investigating what it takes to put life in the universe. In it, Earth is the launching pad to Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and planets beyond our Milky Way Galaxy to search for answers to these mysteries that consistently captivate human imaginations. Signs of Life is a story not only about life on Earth but also about how life is a natural, ongoing, inevitable consequence of the universal laws of physics and chemistry, and of time. These circumstances prevail throughout the cosmos. Life happens. It is a normal, yet extraordinary, consequence of cosmic evolution. That is the real marvel of the universe and why we keep looking for life elsewhere. Life on Earth wants to know what the rest of the universe might be up to.