Exploring Limits
FFB 2021 premiere: No
Producer: experimenta gGmbH
Director: Ralph Heinsohn
Contact: E-mail Trailer: Watch
Released: IV.2020 Length: 29:40
3D: No Res: 8K
Sound: 5.1 FPS: 60
The actor Steve Mc Queen once said, "Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting." Speed has always been a fascinating and intoxicating rush; but what does it really feel like to reach high speed? What is it that makes speed such an adrenaline rush?? Why are people so exhilirated by racing through time and space? How difficult is it to control speed? What happens to our bodies when we set them in motion? Sit in the passenger seat next to German Rally Champion, Matthias Kahle as he manuevers the course, and explore what optimal speed feels like and how to slow back down. What is meant by optimal speed and how is it achieved? Get your pulse racing and then learn how to shift it back down a gear. For co-pilots 12 years and older.